WATCH: David Hogg Claims AR-15 Owners are “Hunting” Human Beings!

Photo: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

February 12, 2019

The little fascist, uneducated, moronic loud mouth David Hogg getting unwarranted airtime on CNN again, where he is calling for guns to be taken away. Hogg gave an interview with MSNBC to discuss how he is pushing for strict gun control and stripping second amendment rights from Americans.

A quick reminder David Hogg was one of the Florida Parkland students who were made famous from the school shooting. Hogg stood on the dead bodies on innocent classmates in order to build himself fame and start a career. Hogg was not in the building of the shooting, but the media made him the face anyways.

During the interview Davaid Hogg called for AR-15’s to be removed from all citizens. Hogg then used his divisive nasty rhetoric to claim AR-15 owners are only looking to hunt humans. Hogg continued to claim that AR-15 are military style weapons and don’t belong in society. However, I would love to challenge David Hogg and leftists to join the military and only use an AR-15 and tell us how well they fair if that’s their military weapon.



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