Two Republican Senators Propose Ending Pensions For Congress!

PHOTO: ABC Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

February 13, 2019

Two Republican Senators proposed an amazing bill that would put an end to pensions on elected congressional officials. The new bill is called the “End Pensions in Congress Act,” Which was introduced by Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana and Sen. Rick Scott of Florida.

Mike Braun stated about the bill, “If we remove the luxurious perks from Congress, we’ll get better leaders: that’s why I’ll never accept my Senate pension and, if forced to, I pledge to donate every penny to Hoosier charities.”

The Senators frmaed the legislation during the last Government shutdown.

Rick Scott stated, “When Congress failed to do their job and created the longest government shutdown in history, hardworking Americans were forced to go without pay while members of Congress were still collecting paychecks. That is wrong and is exactly why I’m fighting to reform Washington. It’s time for term limits and it’s time to make those in D.C. realize that the era of career politicians is over.”


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