Booker: Green New Deal Effort Is Like Fighting The Nazis & Going To The Moon

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Article by Bryan Howard

February 8, 2019

Democrat Senator Cory Booker held an event in Mason Iowa for his campaign on Friday. During the event Cory Booker endorsed Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New deal comparing it to fighting Nazi’s and flying to the Moon.

Booker stated, “We have to deal with this. Our planet is in peril, and we need to be bold. It’s one of the reasons I signed on to the resolution. I co-sponsored the resolution for the Green New Deal. There’s a lot of people blowing back on the Green New Deal. They’re going, ‘Oh, it’s impractical, oh it’s too expensive, oh it’s all of this.’ If we used to govern our dreams that way, we would have never gone to the moon.”

Booker continued, “We need to be bold again in America. We need to have dreams that other people say are impossible. We need to push the bounds of human potential. Because that is our history. When the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save the earth from the scourge of Nazi and totalitarian regimes? We came forward. Who came forward to save the planet or continents from financial ruin? We came forward with the Marshall Plan.”

The over acting by Cory Booker has me questioning if this is actually Nicholas Cage in Blackface.



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