Who Could Replace The Governor of Virginia After Scandals Break!

PHOTO: Getty

Article by Bryan Howard

February 8, 2019

The State of Virginia is facing insane blackface and sexual assault scandals breaking out. The Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General are all facing scandals where they are being called to step down from their job. However, if all step down who would become the new Governor of Virginia.

The State of Virginia order for who is next in line for Governor if they step down goes in order listed below.

1. Governor

2. Lt. Governor

3. Attorney General

4. Speaker of the House

The Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam was caught in blackface in a medical school year book from 1985 and many are calling for him to step down from his position. Really he should be forced to step down for his infanticide comments, but either way Northam may be on his way out of office.

If Northam steps down the Lt. Governor would be next in line to become the Governor. However, this is a sticky situation because the Lt. Governor of Virginia is Justin Fairfax. The Democrat Lt. Governor is currently facing sexual assault allegations that are now having calls for Fairfax to step down from office.

If Justin Fairfax is forced to step down as well then the next in line is the Virginia Attorney General. This was not a big deal for Democrats because the Attorney General Mark Herring is a Democrat, but like a typical Democrat he did something stupid. Herring goes out on his own and admitted to dressing in blackface while he was in college as well, which has caused for Mark Herring to step down from his position now.

This means Virginia may need to go to the third person in line to replace the Governor, which is Virginia Speaker of the House. This is where things get interesting because the Speaker of the House is Republican Kirk Cox. Democrats are stuck in a corner to either embrace blackface and sexual assault allegations or hand over power to a Republican.

It is unclear at this moment if any of these individuals will step down from their scandals, but all three are facing intense backlash from the Democrat party and their voters.


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