Democrat Senator Attempts To Define Socialism!

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Article by Bryan Howard

February 8, 2019

Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley appeared on CNN to discuss President Trump’s State of the Union address. Merkley bashed Trump for insulting Socialism and claimed it is divisive to target Socialism. Merkley continued his rant to define Socialism in a very odd way.

Jeff Merkley decides what Socialism means is “a society coming together to increase the standard of living of our seniors.” I guess Merkley must believe killing off your seniors because they are useless is a higher standard of living. In most Socialist societies they stop feeding their elders who can no longer help produce any work due to small food rationing. These societies like Soviet Union and China would starve the elders and any other non capable bodies of working.

Merkley was asked how he defines Socialism by the CNN host. Merkley replies,

“Well, it is a society coming together to increase the standard of living of our seniors. And that is pretty much the definition and the president’s attacking it.”



One thought on “Democrat Senator Attempts To Define Socialism!

  1. Wow… the left pointing back to Trump as stating it’s all about him again… shocker there. But really, you saw the response as to what this country wants… we do not want Socialism (slap a new label on it if you want – you polish a turd.. you still got a turd). It’s been tried through several governments, several leaders, and you’ve seen the ultimate results… not gonna happen. #TRUMP2020

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