Ilhan Omar Refuses to Apologize to Covington Catholic Boys!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

February 7, 2019

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar smeared the Covington High School boys for being racists. Omar sent a tweet days after the event happened and the story was debunked. The Tweet suggested the boys were being racist and bullying minorities. Omar was confronted by reporter Jason Calvi if she would apologize for her comments. Omar refused to apologize and blamed President Trump for the event that happened.

Reporter Jason Calvi asked Omar, “Do you have any message for the Covington students after your tweet criticizing them for racism? Any message for them tonight?”

“The message I have for them is that in life there are often consequences on the way that you behave. Um, I, I feel sorry the way that some of them have gotten blame and hurt, um, but I also recognize that, uh, in, in the way that the video appeared that there was a native elder who was, um, intervening and, uh, and really showing care for what it looked like to mediate a difficult situation and I wanted to hold him, um, in, in space in my heart, and, and to have a conversation about what hate, division in this country looks like that is often perpetuated by uh, the, uh, inhabitor of the White House.”

Calvi asked, “You did accuse them of racism. Do you owe them an apology for that?”

Ilhan Omar refused to answer the question and walked away.


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