Bernie Sanders Pretends To Be On the Phone In Order To Avoid Sexual assault Allegations!

Photo: Screenshot

Article but Bryan Howard

February 5, 2019

Bernie Sanders was confronted by the Daily Caller’s Capital Hill reporter on his thoughts about a Sexual misconduct allegation against fellow Democrat. Bernie Sanders pretended to be on the phone to side step the question, but was hilariously called out that it was a fake call.

Henry Rodgers asked Bernie Sanders on the allegations against Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax. This comes after Bernie Sanders claimed to believe all woman when they accuse men even without evidence.

Bernie Sanders responded to Henry Rodgers questioning saying, “Excuse me.” This was during the attempt Bernie though he had the reporter fooled he was on the phone.

Rodgers exclaimed, “You’re not on the phone. You’re not on the phone.”

Rodgers said. “Sir? I’m asking you a question.” After Sanders realized he was caught lying he walked away.


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