Roger Waters Claims Trump Is Trying To Destroy Venezuela’s Democracy!

Photo: Wes and Alex/REX/Shutterstock

Article by Bryan Howard

February 5, 2019

president Trump and his administration has taken a hard stance against Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro. The Trump administration is calling Maduro an illegitimate President due to his refusal to step down from power when he lost to Juan Guaido.  Most of the Western world has followed Trumps lead and called Maduro illegitimate. This has drove many Socialists on the left mad, and standing with Maduro.

The most recent celebrity on the left bash Trump for his strong stance against Maduro is Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. During a Twitter rant Waters called for USA to leave Venezuela alone because they have a real ‘Democracy.’ He continued to claim USA is only involved because the 1% want the oil in Venezuela.

I am happy the Left in the United States is being honest with their stance. Obviously the only reason why Leftists and the Democrats protect Maduro is because they support tyrannical Socialism over Constitutional Freedom.


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