New Jersey Propose Bill To Prevent Trump From 2020 State Ballot!


Article by Bryan Howard

February 5, 2019

New Jersey lawmakers are proposing a bill in an attempt to keep President Trump off the State ballot for 2020. The new bill proposes, “requires candidates for President and Vice-President of United States to disclose federal income tax returns to appear on ballot” and “prohibits Electoral College electors from voting for candidates who fail to file income tax returns.”

The New Jersey bill is sponsored by Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen), Sen. Shirley Turner (D-Hunterdon and Mercer), Sen. Linda R. Greenstein, (D-Mercer and Middlesex), and Sen. Troy Singleton (D-Burlington).

President Trump has yet to release his tax returns due to the fact he is currently being audited. And if the Bill passes then he will not be allowed on the New Jersey ballot if Trump doesn’t release them by 2020 vote.

The Bill was proposed in 2017, but then Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie vetoed the Bill. Christie claimed the Bill was a “transparent political stunt masquerading as a bill.”

However, Democrats have full control of the State legislation and have the help of Democrat Governor Phil Murphy. There is a high likely chance it will be passed and President Trump may be forced to release his tax returns.


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