Vice President Pence Warns Dictator Maduro Don’t ‘Test The Resolve Of The United States’

PHOTO: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

February 4, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a Venezuela solidarity event in Doral, Florida. During the speech Pence gave a strong warning to Venezuelan dictator not to ‘test the resolve of the United States.’ Pence told the crowd Maduro’s reign will come to an end and the U.S. is backing Juan Guaido.

Pence said, “Venezuela is a failed state, and failed states know no boundaries, have no borders. A Venezuela overrun with drug smugglers, gangs, human traffickers is a danger to all people and all nations in this hemisphere. And so we stand. We stand for freedom and security for the Venezuelan people. We stand for the security of both our nations. And I promise you, the United States will continue to stand with the Venezuelan people, and we will continue to stand up to their oppressors.”

Pence continued, “To that end, the United States will continue to exert all diplomatic and economic pressure to bring about a peaceful transition to democracy. But those looking on should know this: All options are on the table.”

Pence stated, “Maduro’s tyranny must end, and it must end now,” he continued. “But as the Venezuelan people know, their oppressors do not act alone. Under President Donald Trump, the United States has also stood up to those who have aided and abetted the dictatorship in Venezuela. The truth is, the dictator has lost the support of his people, and even now is beginning to lose the support of his military.”



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