Elizabeth Warren Claims ‘Capitalism Without Rules Is Theft’

PHOTO: Bloomberg Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

January 31, 2019

On Wednesday Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on Bloomberg Markets, where she claims Capitalism without regulations is theft! For those of us who understand history and political philosophy Capitalism with high regulations is called FASCISM!

Warren said, “I believe in capitalism. I see the wealth  that can be produced but let’s be really clear, capitalism without rules is theft.”

Warren added, “Encouraging companies to build their business model on cheating capitalism, that’s not capitalism, that’s not competition in the market place, that’s not producing consumer surplus. So what I believe is capitalism with serious rules, and that means rules where everybody gets a chance to play.”

One can only wonder how Capitalism is theft, yet insane high taxation is called moral and not theft?

Elizabeth Warren may not be an outright Communist like the rest of her party, but she definitely is a far left Fascist. To claim she is not a Fascist is being intellectually dishonest and it needs to be called for what it is.


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