Jeff Flake Closes Door On 2020 Primary Against Trump!


Article by Bryan Howard

January 29, 2019

RINO Former Republican Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake, announced on CBS what his intentions will be for a primary against President Trump in 2020. Jeff Flake has been a staunch anti-Trumper that has done everything he can to bend a knee to the left. Flake is desperate to get the main stream media to like him that he sold every Republican including Brett Kavanaugh out.

Jeff Flake appeared on CBS Tuesday morning where he was asked what his plans are for 2020, which he replied it will not be running for President.

Not only did Jeff Flake announce he wont be running against President Trump, but he announced he will be working for CBS as a political reporter. This comes to no shock because he had no shot at beating President Trump, and now he can bash all Republicans nationally in order to be liked by the left.

Flake announced on Twitter, “Common ground may be hard to find in Washington, but it is found everywhere else in the country. I look forward to working with CBS on this new series


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