Lawyer Threatens To Sue ‘NYT’ And ‘MSM’ For Covington MAGA Hat Kids!

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Article by Bryan Howard

January 22, 2019

A trial lawyer from Las Angeles Robert Barnes is coming to the defense of the Covington Catholic High School kids who were slandered in the Main Stream Media as racists. These Journalists showed irresponsible reporting to the highest extreme by knowingly showing an edited video.

Robert Barnes was outraged by the media’s false attacks against the kids he is now offering his services for free to sue these media outlets.  Barnes set his main focus on the New York Times for libel action in a Tweet.

Robert Barnes sent a Tweet in response to New York Times writer Maggie Haberman, “I will represent the kids for free if they want to sue @maggieNYT for obvious libel.”


Robert Barnes continued his target on Journalists putting them on notice that he is going after them.


The Convington kids would be wise to take Robert Barnes up on his offer and get the millions the media owes them fro the libel remarks against these kids. The Convington kids will have this stain on them the remainder of their lives struggling to get into College and Jobs.


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