Trump: “Stay together — we’re going to win” on border wall!

Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

January 16, 2019

President Trump had a strong message for the Republicans and citizens in favor of the wall claiming, “Stay together-we’re going to win.” This comes after Democrat leaders in Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi refused to meet Trump for a lunch meeting to negotiate the wall on Tuesday. Apparently Democrats find it more important to party on the beaches of Puerto Rico instead of worrying about our national security.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders stated, “As Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi refuse to negotiate. President Donald J. Trump and his team are working hard to find solutions to solve the humanitarian and national security crisis at the border and reopen the government.”

President Trump responded with his message, “We’re not going back until the Democrats do what they know they have to do,” the president said on the Tuesday afternoon conference call. “Stay together — we’re going to win.”

Trump continued, “It has nothing do with a campaign promise,” The wall is a  “humanitarian and national security crisis.”

President Trump finished off saying, “We’ll be here for a long time.”



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