Beto O’Rourke Questions The Relevance Of The Constitution!

PHOTO: Greg Nash

Article by Bryan Howard

January 16, 2019

Fake Hispanic Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke held a two hour interview with the Washington Post, where they attempted to lift him up as a savior to the Leftists in 2020. O’Rourke being the radical leftist he is questioned if the Constitution is relevant today.

The Washington Post reporter was practically begging the failed Senate campaign to run in 2020 against one of the greatest Presidents in United States History. But during the interview O’Rourke bashed the Constitution and showed he has never read the Federalist papers. In particular Federalist number 3 and 4 by Jon Jay.

Wapo noted, “Throughout the two-hour interview — which was often interrupted by bystanders urging him to run for president — O’Rourke boomeranged between a bright-eyed hope that the United States will soon dramatically change its approach to a whole host of issues and a dismal suspicion that the country is now incapable of implementing sweeping change.”

O’Rourke answered, “I’m hesitant to answer it because I really feel like it deserves its due, and I don’t want to give you a — actually, just selfishly, I don’t want a sound bite of it reported, but, yeah, I think that’s the question of the moment: Does this still work?” O’Rourke said. “Can an empire like ours with military presence in over 170 countries around the globe, with trading relationships . . . and security agreements in every continent, can it still be managed by the same principles that were set down 230-plus years ago?”

O’Rourke claimed the current society doesn’t mold well with our constitution due to our partnership with most of the world. O’Rourke even outlines the trade relationships with other countries, as if the Founding Fathers did not understand the importance of trade with other nations. O’Rourke established with this statement he has never read the Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and Jon Jay.

O’Rourke would’t need to read far into the Federalist Papers to realize the Founders built the Constitution and the Country with trade relationships with other nations in mind. Jon Jay wrote about the concerns of trade relationships with other nations in Federalist number 3 and 4.


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