Dana Loesch Destroys Sheriff Israel For Blaming The NRA For His Suspensions!

PHOTO: Jon Nowak CNN

Article by Bryan Howard

January 12, 2019

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch of the famous podcast and radio program “The Dana Show,” destroyed Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for his spineless speech after being suspended. Israel blamed his suspension on the ‘NRA,’ which is confusing to come to that conclusion.

Dana Loesch tweeted out a phenomenal response to the incompetent former Sheriff.

Loesch sent a Tweet celebrating the announcement of the executive order from Governor Ron DeSantis.

Dana Loesch and Scott Israel had a run in during the CNN town-hall that really was a Orwellian 2-minutes of shame against Loesch and Rubio. Israel blamed the NRA and Dana Loesch for the Parkland shooting.


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