WATCH: Sheriff Israel Blames NRA For His Suspension!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

January 12, 2019

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis suspended the incompetent Sheriff of Broward County Scott Israel. However, Israel refuses to walk away with his shame and decided to go on a moronic rant in his exit speech. Israel claimed the NRA was behind his suspension and runs the government.

Israel was found negligent in an investigation into the Parkland shooting, and he refuses to take any ownership of his faults.

Israel stated, “This suspension is not about what occurred on February 14th. This was about politics, not about Parkland.”

Israel continued, “Now, the National Rifle Association controls the governor’s actions. And they are now trying to control law enforcement in Broward County. I understand it’s easier to say ‘Suspend Sheriff Israel’ than it is to address the real problem: The problem around this nation of gun violence.”



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