Rubio Warns Against Calling National Emergency For Wall! Solid Argument!

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Article by Bryan Howard

January 11, 2019

Marco Rubio went on CNBC and gave a compelling argument to why we should not use a National Emergency in order to build the wall that every Conservative should listen to. Rubio reminded us that if Trump were to use a National Emergency to get a wall then Democrats may use it to combat climate change when they have power.

Rubio stated, “I think the president has broad powers to declare national emergencies. I think they should be used very judiciously. I’m not prepared to endorse that right now; I want to think about it some more, I want to dig in to some of the historical record as to why that power is there, how it’s been used in the past.”

Rubio continued, “I think we need to be very careful about that,” the senator continued. “It sets long-term precedents, and I can tell you, that for people on my side of the aisle, one of our concerns we should have is: If today, the national emergency is border security and it entitles him to go out and do something, and we all support that — tomorrow, the national security emergency might be, ya know, climate change, so let’s seize fossil fuel plants or something.”

Sen. Rubio added, “Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but my point is we’ve got to be very careful about endorsing broad uses of executive power in our Republic.”

Marco Rubio is accurate we do need to be cautious when we take extreme measures because it could become a double edge sword. We have plenty of radical Democrats who push Climate Change agenda and are looking for any reason to shut down our oil production. If we were to set that standard they could very well shut down our production of oil and consumption of oil. That would be a hell for all of us to live in and millions would lose jobs.


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