Jeff Flake About To Make A New Living Bashing The Republican Party!


Article by Bryan Howard

January 11, 2019

Former RINO Republican Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake has made a career in politics undermining the Republican party and insulting Conservatives every chance he got. Jeff Flake has retired from the public life, but now he is potentially about to take a job with news network in order to make a living off spewing hate against Trump and Conservatives live on air.

It has been announced Jeff Flake is fielding inquiries for positions from CNN, MSNBC, and now in serious talks with a job at CBS News. Flake would fill as the fake Republican these news agencies casts in order to undermine Conservative policy every time they are on air.

The Hollywood Reporter noted, “After retiring from the U.S. Senate last week, Jeff Flake is still looking for his “next thing.” It might just be at CBS News, which has engaged in talks with the Arizona Republican about a role at the network, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.”

Flake has been far from a Conservative minded Republican and could have easily called himself a Democrat with Progressive light values. This means Flake would have an easy transition into the radical far left main stream news that is driven by their hatred of Trump and Conservatives, which is something Flake has in common with them.



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