Joe Biden’s Family Voted For Trump, According To His Brother!

PHOTO: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

January 11, 2019

The younger brother of former Vice President Joe Biden gave an interview with Palm Beach Post, where he stated his family members voted for President Trump. The 65-year-old Frank Biden explained his family wouldn’t have voted for Trump if it wasn’t for Hillary ignoring most of middle America, and calling Conservatives deplorable.

Palm Beach Post noted, “Frank Biden also criticized Clinton’s 2016 campaign, which failed to win several states that the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket carried in 2008 and 2012. Joe Biden would have won those states, his younger brother said.”

Frank Biden stated about Hillary Clinton insulting half of America, “The idea of declaring a whole swath of people ‘deplorables’ is just the most idiotic political calculation, number one, and two, the most — in the Catholic Church, they would call that the sin of pride. Who in God’s name am I to say that you have a fundamentally wrong moral position? Talk about lacking humility.”

However, Frank Biden seems to forget his brother “Creepy Uncle Joe” called all Trump voters and Conservatives “Dregs of society.” I would argue being called a dreg of society is worse than being called deplorable.

Frank Biden said his relatives voted for President Trump, “We never would have lost Pennsylvania, and all my relatives — the Finnegan family — who voted for Donald Trump because they felt slighted by Hillary and her campaign. We never would have not gone to Michigan as the campaign decided not to do because they felt entitled to the votes of those people. Assumptive politics is losing politics. You have to work for every single vote and people have to know individually, collectively and severally that you care about them, that they’re important.”


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