Democrats Send Boxes of Trash To Trump!

Photo: SFDOG

Article by Bryan Howard

January 10, 2019

Democrats establishes how immature and irrationally stupid they are with their most recent stunt. Two Democrats from California sent packages of garbage to the White House intended for Trump.

Reps. Jackie Speier and Jared Huffman went to Golden Gate National Recreation Area on Saturday to help volunteers pick up trash. The trash was no longer being picked up since the government shutdown, which is causing a massive overflow of trash piles.

Speier and Huffman decided they would send boxes of trash that they picked up in order to send a message. However, the only message I got from it is the only thing these fools are qualified for is picking up trash.

Speier claimed the National Parks are suffering “a real security problem” that is “artificially contrived by the president.”

“He is turning us into a third-world country,” she said.

Huffman stated to the Associate Press, Let it never be said that I didn’t give anything to Donald Trump. Today I’m bringing boxes of trash from that rainy Saturday in San Francisco to provide a reality check to the president, so that he understands that his political stunt in shutting down the government over the border wall has real world consequences.”

Huffman stated on Twitter, “Because Trump is ignoring the consequences of his ridiculous #shutdown, @RepSpeier & I are taking garbage we picked up at our national parks and delivering it to the White House. Our message is simple: @realdonaldtrump, open the gov.”


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