Breaking: JonBenet Ramsey Murderer Comes forward after 22 years!

Article by Bryan Howard

January 10, 2019

The Daily Mail released a breaking story that the six-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey murder case has been admitted to by a convicted pedophile. Gary Olivia who is currently serving a ten year sentence for being a pedophile has admitted to the 22 year-old murder mystery in a letter obtained by the Daily Mai.

Gary Olivia claimed he joined a group of men that broke into the Ramsey home. They ended up killing her and leaving a ransom note for $118,000

Olivia wrote, “’I never loved anyone like I did JonBenét and yet I let her slip and her head bashed in half and I watched her die. It was an accident. Please believe me. She was not like the other kids. JonBenét completely changed me and removed all evil from me. Just one look at her beautiful face, her glowing beautiful skin, and her divine God-body, I realized I was wrong to kill other kids. Yet by accident she died and it was my fault.”

Olivia continued, “My suspicions began when Gary called me late at night on December 26, 1996. He was sobbing and said, ‘I hurt a little girl.’ I had known Gary from my time at high school and we had kept in touch. When he said he had hurt a little girl I tried to get more information out of him. The only other thing he told me was that he was in the Boulder, Colorado area. On December 27 I read on the front page of my local newspaper ‘Girl, 6, slain in Boulder, Colorado’. I knew I had to alert the police. I immediately called the Boulder Police Department and told them what I knew about Gary and what he had told me just days earlier. They didn’t get back to me. Three months later I called the police again to find out what was going on in its investigation of Gary, but instead I was sent to a police answering machine set up for tips on the JonBenét case. I left a message on the recorded line and again I never heard back from investigators.””

Olivia finished, “I’ve continued this for decades now, even with him being in prison. But he has only just admitted to killing her. He believes he will go to hell if he doesn’t admit to it. I have now sent these letters to Boulder police in the hope it will get Gary to provide them with firm proof and to name who else may have been involved in JonBenét’s death. I hope it helps bring justice for JonBenét and peace for her family. Now they have this, a written confession, the police need to charge him with her murder. The thought that he could be released on probation next year chills me to the bone because he should never be allowed out. He is a danger to society. The day he walks free is the day I will be terrified for every child and family.“

Police claimed when they raided Olivia’s home in 2016 they found hundreds of photos of JonBenét were found on his phone. the Police reports show Olivia had an address only 10 blocks from the Ramsey home.



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