Democrat Cohen Calls Wall Supporters Same As KKK!

Article by Bryan Howard

January 9, 2019

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) decided to make the craziest divisive statements of all Democrats about President Trump’s speech on Tuesday night. Cohen compared President Trump and his followers to the Ku Klux Klan because they would like to have border security and a wall.

Cohen posted the divisive statement on Twitter and quickly deleted after backlash. However, I was able to snag a screenshot before he deleted the horrible statement.


The tweet he added into his comment is from Jon Meacham which in full is stated below,


Steve Cohen did not stop with his divisive comments and continued his attack by claiming Donald Trump is the National Emergency.


Cohen gets to his nastiest when he starts attacking the American people who support the wall by posting a meme insinuating we are plain folks that are fools.

We need to believe everything the Democrats say about us Conservatives. The Democrats demonize us and do not want to represent any of us. We need to stand up to Democrats and demand they be removed from office.


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