Dan Crenshaw Calls For Common Sense And Wall, Lays Out 5 Point Plan!

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Article by Bryan Howard

January 9,2019

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw gave one of the greatest arguments to the need for a physical barrier (Wall) at our southern border. Crenshaw lays out a five point reasoning to the need for a wall, and why it is lazy to only say it’s ineffective.

Crenshaw noted that it is obvious a wall will not solve all immigration issues, but it is part of many initiatives needed to provide border security. Crenshaw advocates for advancing technology at the border, which is part of President Trump’s plan but rarely stated by President Trump.

Dan Crenshaw laid out on Twitter his five point Common Sense wall plan.

1) The problems on the border need to be addressed. 400,000 illegal aliens being apprehended per year while crossing an open border is completely unsustainable.

2) The problem must be solved in a multi-faceted way. Physical barriers are a necessary part of that solution. Just ask the migrant caravan when they arrived in Tijuana, where the wall prevented them from overrunning our border agents. Walls mitigate movement. Period.

3) Walls are necessary, but of course we recognize that they aren’t the only solution. Some places require different methods, as the President’s plan recognizes. Drones, sensors, more patrols, etc. It all works together, and physical barriers are a part of that.

4) A wall in one location frees up manpower resources in another. This is important when understanding why we are okay with building in some areas and waiting on others.

5) Dismissing a wall or fence as an “ineffective” or “4th century” solution is an attempt to undermine the plan without providing any logical reasoning. Don’t succumb to lazy arguments. Let’s think this through, and reopen the government with adequate funding for border security.



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