WATCH: Democrat 2020 Candidate Supports 90% Taxation!

Article by Bryan Howard

January 7, 2019

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is heavily considering/likely to run for President in 2020, but as radical left as he is he needed to up his Communist game. After Ocasio-Cortez claimed she would like to tax at 70% Castro decided to say he would like to tax people at 90%.

Taxing people at a 90% rate would be just shy of a full blown slavery of the citizens. Castro seems to not ever question why would anyone work if they are only keeping 10% of the fruit of their labor.

Castro stated, “Oh, I can support folks at the top paying their fair share … There was a time in this country where the top marginal tax rate was over 90%, even during Reagan’s era in the 1980s, it was around 50%.”

Castro stated, “that we get more serious about making sure the corporations pay their fair share. During this campaign, if I run, I’m going to be very up front with the American people on how we would do that because I think that they are owed that, but it is worth it. It is worth it in this country for us to do that,” he said, vowing not to be “a single issue candidate.”



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