Marco Rubio Unloads On Democrats For Embracing Antisemitism!

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Article by Bryan Howard

January 8, 2019

Republican Senator of Florida, Marco Rubio, unloaded on Democrat party attempting to hide the party is filled with anti-Semites by avoiding the anti-BDS vote. Marco Rubio was one of the Senators that created the anti-BDS bill.

The anti-BDS Bill is the government refusing to do business with any company that is supporting the BDS boycott of Israel. The BDS movement is an anti-Semitic boycott in order to destroy the State of Israel. The individuals behind the BDS movement is driven with Jewish hatred led by Linda Sarsour,

Rubio tweeted,


Rubio responded to Bernie Sanders insane stupid remark on Rubio’s bill.

Rubip then unloads on the anti-Semite Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.


2 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Unloads On Democrats For Embracing Antisemitism!

  1. Well isn’t that nice. Rubio has a lot to say over a middle east bill but nothing, crickets, to say about a shut down that is affecting many of his constituents. We contacted Senator Marco Rubio’s office, twice, via his web portal to ask him what he is doing for the people of Florida affected by the partial government shut down – whether it is the plight of furloughed workers, workers working without pay, hurricane victims in the Panhandle looking for relief or any number of other Floridians starting to feel the pinch from this useless shutdown. All we have heard from Mr. Rubio is a robocall email that said nothing.

    So as we reached the end of the third week of this shutdown, we called Rubio’s Miami office. All we received was a regurgitation of a written statement about federal assistance.

    We then called his Washington office and reached a staffer who said that since the Senator has issued no statement about the crisis since its inception, she had no position to be able relate to us and, no answers. Three weeks of a government shut down and he has nothing to say? No solutions to offer?

    We didn’t call to argue with him about Trump’s wall; it has nothing to do with any of us. We called to ask him about what he is doing, as our Senator, to alleviate the effect of this shut down on his constituents. Crickets. Absolutely. Nothing. While Rubio is trying to figure out which way his wind will blow, he has nothing to offer his constituents. Zero. His constituents should offer this good for nothing absolutely nothing in return when he seeks our vote again.

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