‘I Reject Your Facts’ Pelosi Tells Homeland Security!

PHOTO: CNN Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

January 6, 2019

On Wednesday House Democrats and high ranking officials in the Trump administration sparred over the border wall, but Nancy Pelosi decided to claim she rejects the facts presented by Homeland Security.

According to Fox News the insane rejection of facts statement went as written,

At one point during the meeting, according to the Wall Street Journal, Pelosi interrupted Nielsen, who was citing statistics related to the border, including how many criminal illegal immigrants attempted to enter the U.S. last year.

“I reject your facts,” Pelosi told Nielsen

“These aren’t my facts,” Nielsen shot back. “These are the facts.”

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen responded to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats rejection of reality and facts.


Democrats and their Leftist supporters live in a world of fantasy where they base things off what they feel not what the reality is. This is why you hear leftists use the saying “my truth,” however what they don’t seem to understand is their is no such thing as your truth. There is only THE truth and nothing more.


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