Dem Rashida Tlaib Makes Very Anti-Semitic Comment!

Article by Bryan Howard

January 7, 2019

The newly elected radical leftist Democrat Rashida Tlaib has been making sentiments that only the likes of Nazi’s and Communists would agree with. Tlaib made an incredibly anti-Semitic remark on Twitter Sunday night. Hinting at Jewish people controling the Government like Hitler claimed when he took power.

Tlaib questioned Senators for having dual-loyalties, and forgot which country they represent. This comes after the Senate pushed through preventing Government from working with companies that support the BDS movement.

The BDS movement is a boycott of any affiliation with the state of Israel, which is advocating for the destruction of the Jewish state. Without saying it’s obviously a anti Jew movement that Hitler would be proud of.

Bernie Sanders sent a Tweet responding to the legislation being pushed through.


Rashida Tlaib being the raging Jew hater that she is went on an anti-Semitic rant in response to the Senate opposing the BDS movement.


Questioning Jewish people controlling the government is a conspiracy that the Nazi’s and Communists used to fuel their hatred against Jews in order to surge a revolt against them. For Tlaib to use these sentiments is irresponsible and deplorable.

Tlaib herself should never question anyone’s dual-loyalty considering she favors the Palestinian people over most Americans, and even put a sticky note over the state of Israel labeling it Palestine. Which goes to show she wants to wipe the Jewish state of the face of this world.


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