Brazil President To Fire All Communist/Socialist Government Employees!

Article by Bryan Howard

January 5, 2019

Right-Wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has vowed to destroy and eradicate Marxist thought from the Brazilian government and education system and he is revealing his plans and policies on how to do that. Recently Bolsonaro declared he will remove Marxist/Marxism from the education system, and now he is claiming he will fire every non-elected Government employee that is a Communist/Socialist.

Bolsonaro has been a strict opponent against the Communist dictators of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. The Communists from these areas were able to spread their cancerous ideas to  Brazil, which nearly destroyed the country to the point of Venezuela.

Bolsonaro’s Chief of Staff, Onyx Lorenzoni announced to reporters the mandate is needed in order to remove top ranking officials of Marxist thought, “Society said ‘enough’ to socialist and communist ideas which, in the past 30 years, brought us to the chaos were are living today,”

Lorenzoni continued, “It doesn’t make sense to have officials with antagonistic ideological orientations [working for us]. It is not reasonable to have socialists, communists, any of that stuff here.”

The goal is to remove the corruption that was created by the Marxist non elected officials hat have caused the chaos that currently exists in Brazil.

The United States desperately needs to follow from the newly elected Brazilian President example. We have a far over reaching non-elected government that is ran by Socialists who are using their power to destroy anyone that does not believe in Marxism. Two recent examples would be the IRS targeting scandal, and the FBI creating a false Russia collusion case to take down Trump.



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