Trump Sends Hilarious Tweet Mocking Warren Presidential Run 1/2020th!

PHOTO:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

January 4, 2019

Elizabeth Warren is the first prominent Democrat to announce they were running for President in 2020. Since her announcement many have been mocking her for believing she has a shot due to her being caught lying about Native American heritage. However, no-one taunts Elizabeth Warren for being a fake Indian than President Trump.

President Trump was able to get Warren to take a DNA test in order to prove her claims. Obviously as we know the DNA backfired, and the results showed Warren may only be 1/1024th Native American. In other words Warren has less Indian blood than the average white person in America.

President Trump has now released a hilarious tweet that is mocking Warren’s DNA test results in a mock Presidential campaign sign.


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