President Trump Triggers The Media When He Took Over Press Conference!


Article by Bryan Howard

January 4, 2019

President Trump makes a surprise visit for the first Press Meeting of the 2019 year. The Press had no knowledge and did not find out until Sarah Sanders announced President Trump will be taking over for the Press meeting. President Trump brought on experts with him over the border wall that were former workers at the border.

President Trump and his guests were able to send home a solid message that the United States needs a border wall, and the support President Trump’s stance to fight for the wall.

After Trump finished his announcement he walked off stage without answering any questions. The media freaked out and were upset with the fact that President Trump refused to answer questions or take them. However, President Trump was not there to take questions nor answer them, he was there to tell Americans why we need a wall instead of letting the media run with false narratives.



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