Ocasio-Cortez Laid Out Her Radical Socialist Policies!

Article by Bryan Howard

January 3, 2019

On Monday night the left of Lenin Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez listed her insane high priced Socialist policies she intends to pursue. The policies she lists below would outright destroy capitalism, create open borders, and cause the tax payers to pay a minimum of 80% in taxes. But at least you would be able to smoke weed legally.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted,

Ocasio-Cortez medicare for all policy would cost tax payers $3.2 Trillion a year which would double our tax rate alone. Puerto Rico is $100 billion in debt and we are not the beneficiaries of Puerto Rico’s debt ran. Ocasio-Cortez supports Green New Deal that would destroy all current energy sources that would turn us into a third world country envious of North Korea.


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