Kanye West Rides The Trump Train Into 2019!

PHOTO: Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Article by Bryan Howard

January 2, 2018

Famous rapper Kanye West was a large story line in 2018 when he came out as a strong Donald Trump supporter. Kanye received much back lash from the media and the left for his support of President Trump, which showed how racist the left actually is.

Kanye did have a falling out a few months ago after the brutal attacks and said he was staying out of politics, but it seems Kanye is bringing in the new year on the Trump Train. Kanye tweeted out his support of President Trump on the first day of 2019.



After Kanye’s defiant stance he announced he will be preforming every concert with his Trump hat on going forward.


Kanye finishes off with one final message that brings home the reality of the left demanding black people to think the way they want black people to think.




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