Budding Friendship Between President Trump And Brazil President Bolsonaro!

PHOTO: Reuters/Sao Paulo

Article by Bryan Howard

January 2, 2019

President Trump congratulated newly elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on his inauguration speech on the first day of 2019. President Bolsonaro is referred to as “Trump of the Tropics,” and won his election by pushing anti Socialism and pro Conservatism. Bolsonaro is a strong hard nosed leader similar to President Trump, which has led to a budding friendship between the two leaders.

President Trump sent his best regards for the new President of Brazil through Twitter.

President Bolsonaro retweeted back to President Trump his appreciation. Bolsonaro stated he has intentions to work with President Trump and the United States.

The United States and Brazil could be great tandem in correcting the down slide of the entire convenient of South America that was destroyed by Socialism. With the elections of Trump and Bolsonaro we could see Venezuelans rise up and remove their Socialist dictatorship, which would change the culture of the Americas going forward.


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