Senate Fails To Pass Funding Bill For The Wall!

PHOTO: Politico

Article by Bryan Howard

December 21, 2018

The Senate failed to pass the funding for a border wall falling 12 votes shy of the 60 votes needed. The House of Representatives were able to pass a $5.7 Billion funding for the border wall, but it seemed Democrats in the Senate were unwilling to support this bill. This means we will likely see a Government shutdown, unless a last minute deal is made.

The final count in the Senate vote was 48-47 with only one Democrat who voted in favor of the border wall, Democrat from Alabama Doug Jones. A few Senators never showed up to vote on the bill and decided to start the Christmas vacation early.

After the failed vote McConnell and Schumer got together to hatch out a new deal that would fund the wall for $1.6 Billion, but Republican House Freedom Caucus has already announced they will not support that bill.

The Senate has until midnight on Friday, roughly 5 hours remain in order to pass the bill, or face a government shutdown. It is unlikely Democrats in the Senate will be willing to give the full $5 Billion to fund the wall, while House Republicans are unlikely to sign any bill without the $5 Billion funding. President Trump announced he is prepared and ready for a long Government shutdown.



3 thoughts on “Senate Fails To Pass Funding Bill For The Wall!

  1. He hasto stick to his word. The Democrats have to see Trump will do what he says he will do.
    He cares about this country enough to shut down the government for not coming through to protect our borders.

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