President Trump Calls On McConnell To Use Nuclear Option For Wall!

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Article by Bryan Howard

December 21, 2018

The Senate has until midnight on Friday to pass the funding for the wall bill or the government will shutdown. President Trump forced the House or Representatives to pass a $5.7 Billion dollar budget for the wall, and is now awaiting the Senates approval.

However, currently in the Senate you need 60 votes to pass the bill, which President Trump and the Republicans do not have. This means if Democrats do not support the bill it will not pass.

president Trump ran to Twitter to call for Senate Majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell to use the Nuclear Option to get the bill passed.

The Nuclear option is removing the filibuster rule of needing 60 votes and only need a simple majority. Republicans do need to be cautious of this though because it is a double edge sword and one day can come back and be used against us if Democrats ever regain power.


2 thoughts on “President Trump Calls On McConnell To Use Nuclear Option For Wall!

  1. Just get it done Republicans and Democrats! Remember there IS another election coming up and you can NOT rigg ALL of them! There IS A GOD!! How do you think Donald Trump got to be President? That same God is watching!

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