WATCH: Nikki Haley Gives Farewell Speech Blasting U.N. For Anti-Israel Stance!

Article by Bryan Howard

December 19, 2018

Nikki Haley is set to leave her position as U.S. Representative at the U.N., and she gave her final speech at the General Assembly on Tuesday. During the speech she blasted the U.N. for her main focus for the last two years, which is their anti-Israel stance.

Nikki Haley has been a great ambassador and will be missed, but we have this final speech to remember her.

Haley stated, “The UN has shown itself to be hopelessly biased. This biased obsession is not the path to peace.”

Haley continued, “It’s time we faced a hard truth: both sides would benefit greatly from a peace agreement. But, the Palestinians would benefit more and the Israelis would risk more.”

Haley finished off slamming the U.N. for being anti-Semitic stances against Israel.

“Israel is a thriving, strong, prosperous country. It has always wanted peace with its neighbors. No UN resolutions, anti-Semitic boycotts, or terrorists change that.”



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