Tucker on New NJ Gun Ban: Venezuela Banned Gun Ownership Before Country’s Collapse!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

December 18, 2018

Tucker Carlson talked about the new law in New Jersey that will put citizens in prison for owning magazines that hold to many rounds. Tucker Carlson had former NYPD Commissioner on as his guest to discuss the law.

Tucker Carlson started off the segment by talking about how Venezuela banned guns for citizens 6 years ago in an attempt to prevent them from having an uprising. Today Venezuelans were left defenseless and starving from a overgrown socialist state.

Tucker moved on to compare the new law in New Jersey is an attempt to disarm everyday citizens to eventually remove the second amendment. The former NYPD commissioner agreed and believes the law will only encourage criminals and harm normal citizens who need to protect themselves. He points out this is clearly a law to attack the second amendment and take away weapons from everyday Americans.



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