‘Ripped Apart By His Own Government’: Wife of Charged Military Hero Defends Husband!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

December 18, 2018

Julie Golsteyn, the wife of Green Beret Mathew Golsteyn who is being charged for murdering a Taliban bombmaker in 2010 spoke out against these charges. Julie gave an emotional plea that her husband is not a killer but a hero, and the Government is unjustly targeting her husband.

Julie went on the attack against the main stream media for portraying her husband (who is a war hero) as a cold blooded murderer. Julie also pointed out that her husband never admitted to murder on live TV, which is being claimed by his charges.

It is sad our Government is more concerned with the lives of a Taliban bombmaking terrorist who has been proven to have killed two marines than that of our serving men. If the Government does charge Mathew Golsteyn it is time that we demand our leaders who pushed for this action to step down and even be charged with treason against our Country.

President Trump has stood up against these insane charges and claimed he will personally open up an investigation into these charges.


2 thoughts on “‘Ripped Apart By His Own Government’: Wife of Charged Military Hero Defends Husband!

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  1. As previously noted, the guy should get a medal before being brought home.

    On a closely-related subject, have all of the “Allah Akbar” attacks by individuals trained by our military (where our men have been killed or injured) been given the death penalty?


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