Democrat Senator Tells Republican Woman To Kill Themselves!

Photo: The New York State Senate. Kevin Parker

Article by Bryan Howard

December 18, 2018

Democrat Senator of New York Kevin Parker  told Republican Candice Giove to kill herself after she exposed him for breaking the law. This event transpired over Twitter on Tuesday.

New York State Republican Deputy Communications Director Candice Giove exposed Kevin Parker using his Government licence plate on vehicles he did not register with the sticker.

Giove tweeted,

Senator Kevin Parker responded back telling Giove to kill herself. Kevin Parker has since deleted the tweet but a few people have grabbed a screenshot of the tweet and reposted it.

Ironically Kevin Parker proposed a bill that would force an individual to have their Social media accounts searched by the government to deem if they are allowed to buy a gun. If someone makes violent statements like “Kill Yourself” you would be unable to attain a gun in his state.

Democrat & Chronicle reported. “The bill would require gun-seekers to turn over their passwords to key accounts to police, if necessary. If approved, up to three years of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter posts and one year of search-engine history would be open to scrutiny.”



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