MUST WATCH: Jim Jordan GOES OFF During Clinton Foundation Hearing

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

December 15, 2018

Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) destroyed one of the head oversights over the IRS targeting of Conservatives scandals, and went over the Clinton Foundation scandal with Judaical Watch Head Mr. Fitton. During this amazing interrogation Jordan went off exposing both the IRS and FBI were corrupt in their scandals in protecting Democrats and targeting Republicans.

Jordan questioned the IRS about the targeting of Conservatives, which is acknowledged as a fact by even Obama’s administration, but the head of oversight for the IRS denied there was any targeting going on. Jordan did not allow that denial to last and ripped the IRS for a clear targeting scandal.

Jordan switched over to Mr. Fitton to discuss the Clinton Foundation scandal. Mr. Fitton exposes what the FBI did to protect the Clinton’s from any criminal investigations and criminal charges.



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