How 10th U.S. President Tyler, born in 1790, still has two living grandsons!

Article by Bryan Howard

December 6, 2018

The 10th U.S. President John Tyler has two living Grandsons in the year 2018. This is astonishing considering the fact John Tyler himself was born in the year 1790, which means he was 7 years old when our first President George Washington left office. John Tyler was elected as the Vice President to President William Henry Harrison who died of pneumonia thirty-one days into his term. This left Vice PResident John Tyler as the new President in 1841 and ended in 1845.

The CBS report explains how he still has grandchildren alive in the year 2018. They show John Tyler had a second marriage to a young woman after he left office and had children late in life. Tyler’s son had children until the age of 75, and that is why John Tyler still has grandchildren alive today.



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