CNN Evacuates Due To Bomb Threat!

Article by Bryan Howard

December 7, 2018

CNN had a bomb threat on Thursday during Don Lemon’s show and they were forced to evacuate the NYC headquarters. The bomb threat was made over the phone and is not clear who was behind the threat and if it was a serious threat.

Don Lemon Tweeted out after he evacuated the building.

Don Lemon called in from his phone to talk on air outside of the location of the bomb threat.

Brian Stelter  announced the bomb threat as well on Twitter.

CNN Communications announced the situation as well.

NYPD announced on Twitter they are shutting down the intersection of the location due to the bomb threat.

The CNN NYC headquarters was cleared and declared free from any bomb threat at 11:55 PM. Again, it is unclear who was behind the prank call, and what their motives were. However, CNN has wasted no time in blaming President Trump with no evidence to who was behind the attack of the bomb threats.


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