WATCH: Josh Hawley Wants To Remove Immunity From Big Tech Due To Censorship!

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Article by Bryan Howard

December 5, 2018

Newly elected Senator of Missouri Republican Josh Hawley appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to talk about the Big Tech fascism of censorship. Hawley points out they have become monopolies that have far too much power, while being protected by the Federal Government. Hawley argues they need to be labeled as publishers if they want to censor people, which will make them liable for lawsuits of defamation and copyrights.

Hawley stated, “There are changes in the NAFTA agreement to what is called section 230 of the communication decency act. What that is, Tucker, it’s actually deal that the tech companies get from the government that says that they can’t be sued like any other publisher. They can’t be sued like a newspaper, they can’t be sued like a TV station. Supposedly what they’re supposed to do in return for that immunity, is they’re not supposed to exercise editorial content, editorial control.”

Hawley continued, “My worry is these companies are increasingly censoring. I mean they’re censoring conservatives, they are censoring based on political viewpoint. My question is, should they really be getting this special immunity from the government if they’re also going to act like censors? I think we need to take a hard look at that.”

Tucker Carlson asked, “It’s not clear why they haven’t. If I’ve libeled somebody, I can be sued. Fox News can be sued. You’re a Senator-elect, if you libel someone on this show, you can be sued. Apple cannot be sued, Facebook, Google, the rest. Why should the U.S. Government favor those companies in a way that they don’t favor my company, for example?”

Hawley responded, “Let’s be honest, these tech companies, Facebook, Google, Twitter, they have gotten huge. They have gotten powerful and rich on the backs of this special immunity that they get from the federal government. On the back of what’s called section 230. They’re monopolies now, they’re very powerful. They appear to be using their power to shut down viewpoints that they don’t agree with, usually conservative. And I think we need to ask, do they really deserve these special deals and special carve-outs that have allowed them to get so big and rich.”

Carlson questioned, “Can you speculate as to why all of this is happening in the last decade and basically nobody in the entire Senate has said ever anything about.”

Hawley commented, “People don’t realize, for instance, the tech companies have gotten sweetheart deals from the federal government. I don’t think they realize they get treated unlike anybody else. They’re different from TV stations, they’re different from publishers and they’re getting this special deal.”



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