Frat Refuses To Remove U.S. Flag After Pressure From Stanford University!

PHOTO: Pixabay

Article by Bryan Howard

December 5, 2018

Sigma Chi Fraternity, at Stanford University, has requested they remove the American flag that is flying on their poll because Stanford administration member “implied that the American flag, as a symbol, could be intimidating, aggressive or alienating.”

The Stanford Review reported, Sigma Chi Fraternity was under probation from the Stanford administration and was attempting to get in the good graces of the University. The article noted a liaison from the administration was appointed to the Fraternity, which they named Mr.Z in order for privacy protection.

The Stanford Review noted, Fraternity member Pablo Lozano recollection of the events that transpired when Mr.Z made his requests what the Fraternity should do to get in the good graces.

This context of a friendly relationship with Mr. Z made the following incident all the more surprising. One night during Autumn 2017, Lozano recounted, Mr. Z was invited to eat dinner at Sigma Chi. While discussing improving the fraternity’s image with the university, Mr. Z offhandedly suggested that Sigma Chi remove the potentially discomforting symbol outside: the American flag flown in front of the house. Mr. Z urged Sigma Chi to consider the image being presented to the rest of campus by flying the flag out front. He furthered that if Sigma Chi wished to break away from stereotypes that plagued the house and to change its perception on campus, its members should contemplate un-hoisting the American flag.

While this remark was just one in a larger discussion on rebranding the house, it stands out. Mr. Z’s recommendation insinuated not only that the flag made others uncomfortable but that its being flown tainted Sigma Chi’s reputation and, presumably, worsened its chance of survival. Lozano understood Mr. Z to imply that the American flag, as a symbol, could be intimidating, aggressive or alienating. Mr. Z’s tone further signaled to Lozano that he found the mere sight of the American flag to be offensive.

Outraged by the request to remove their American flag, the Fraternity decided to protest the request by buying a larger flag for the Stanford campus to see. They could not seem to understand why or how the University could find the American flag as offensive and they reacted in a patriotic brave way.

Across the United States, University students are being brainwashed into believing America is evil, and for the students who do speak up against that belief face severe backlash from the administration. We need to demand out politicians to stand up to these corrupt rogue public Universities teach anti-Americanism.


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