James Comey Agrees To Meet With House Republicans In Private Meeting!

PHOTO:  Getty Images / Slate

Article by Bryan Howard

December 2, 2018

The House of Representatives have subpoenaed former FBI agent James Comey to appear for a private hearing over the handling of the Clinton emails. Comey claimed he was going to fight it to be a public hearing, but it seems he is having a new attitude and agreed to terms to not fight the subpoena for a private meeting.

James Comey announced on Twitter he has agreed to meet with Republicans under conditions that the transcript be released to the public.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte stated, “Mr. Comey will join us for a closed-door transcribed interview later this week. We will release the transcript of his interview to the public as soon as possible after the interview, in the name of our combined desire for transparency.”

Their will be an FBI agent involved in order to advice on disclosure of FBI information. No-one should get to excited due to Comey is a skilled liar and will unlikely give any information that would be harmful towards Hillary Clinton or the FBI.


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