WATCH: Socialism Leads To Violence

Article by Bryan Howard

November 29, 2018

Gloria Alvarez conducted her second installment of Socialism and it’s failures. In this video she talks about how Socialism always leads to violence. Alvarez talks about how Government is so repressive people start selling on the Black Markets, and when the Government finds out it leads to jail and violence against the individual.



145 thoughts on “WATCH: Socialism Leads To Violence

  1. the reality is there are 20 countries on the planet that have a higher standard of living than we do. All of them are to the LEFT of us politically..

      1. Do the math, add up the THOUSANDS of dollars the average american spends in premiums, co-insurances, deductibles, and co-pay and tell me how someone making 5 to 15 dollars an hour is supposed to find that kind of money no those wages?

      2. Oooo you mean the healthcare that it takes 3 months to a year to see a doctor that is radically expensive but instead you have to pay mandatory to the government? And the high minimum wages that correlate with 60% taxation that goes along with it. Economics 101 minimum wage is always equivalent to $0 no matter how high you raise it the cost of living equally rises along. But no we have the highest standard of living by large margins.

      3. How can we have the highest standard of living when in TWENTY PLUS countries they have FREE healthcare FREE college and 2 MONTHS a year of government mandated paid time off. I win, I’m going to Disney World..

      4. Because it isn’t free and costs more. Bernie Sanders plan would cost us 3.3 Trillion a year. That is equal to what the government already brings in on tax revenue. We would have to double everyone’s taxes to afford it. We would be better off to go full private sector and buy our own.

      5. Bernie’s free college would be 80 billion a year. Which sucks because many people don’t go to college and would have to pay for others to go to college. And most people get stupid useless degrees like Social science

      6. And guess what, we’d be the MOST educated and MOST successful and LONGEST living people on the planet

      7. you forgot to mention the ALL important missing fact, MANY people who make under 20$ an hour do NOT get benefits and do NOT get Sick Pay so MANY of those people DIE because they couldn’t afford neither to take any days off work nor to pay for their deductibles

      8. I didn’t say EVERY job, but the LESS you are paid the MORE likely you have a job that does NOT offer benefits

      9. you don’t get it, when you are POOR you have NO choice to but take ANY job, and MOST entry level jobs are PART TIME

      10. As a POLLSTER I can GUARANTEE if you ask all POOR people who’s ideas they like better MINE or YOURS, I will WIN almost EVERYONES vote

      11. Lol, you have no clue what poor people want, people like you take advantage of them and it is why I am involved in politics to defend the poor from the likes of you and your policies that hold them down.

      12. So you think poor and low income people WANT to WAIT to get their benefits when they know SALARIED employees get their benefits IMMEDIATELY?

      13. how many YEARS ago has it been than you made 9? many I’m sure. The point is the current min wage is 7$ and no one can afford rent, food, clothes at that income let alone premiums, coinsurances, deductibles, and copays not to mention NOT getting Sick Pay to get the care

      14. If you made 9$ an hour that was 2 $ above the minimum wage, so you didn’t even experience true minimum wage and 8 years ago 9$ bought alot more than 9$ buys today

      15. the reality is that most people agree if you’re going to have a minimum wage it should go up each year to keep up with infltaion

      16. please get a clue, we’re talking about things like CANCER where the LONGER you wait to see a doctor the MORE likely you are going to DIE

      17. provide your source that we have the LOWEST mortality rate of any country regarding cancer deaths..

      18. it’s simply not true because the bottom 50% almost never go to the doctor because they CANT afford to

      19. EVERY employee would want DOH benefits, the employers have ALL the power and THEY decide IF and WHEN you become eligible, and PT employees at MOST companies either DONT get benefits or have LONG waiting periods

      20. Conservatives are the ones who refuse to ban products that are unhealthy or even dangerous, they don’t want “big government”….

      21. we didn’t talk about abortion, but there is NO GOD, so I could CARE LESS about what OTHER people do with THEIR bodies

      22. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t both FORCE women to bring babies to term then NOT offer welfare, food stamps, or medicaid

      23. Absolutely you can say we don’t need to have welfare and murdering of unborn babies. Why do I have to choose between murder and not murder? Shouldn’t we all side with not murdering? Also, before you go on a rant about choices and the baby is not alive don’t. Science supports they are alive and that’s why democrats switched from clump of cells argument to woman’s choice. A basic sonogram proves they are alive.

      24. you don’t know that we have 170 electoral votes FOR the National Vote, once we have 270, the Electoral College goes AWAY

      25. As far as education that’s false Cuba has free college and they are one of the least educated in the world. If we went to private schooling we would be by far the best country ever in education. And removed majority of our liberal arts classes that are useless and only increase the cost of education.

      26. I never said Cuba is among the 20 countries with a higher standard of living than we have. The fact of the matter is college in the US is more expensive than most every 1st world country

      27. The reality is that the amount government contributes to colleges has gone way down over the past 20 years

      28. wrong, for example, 20 years ago the community college down the street from me used to cost 28$ a credit, now it costs 200$ and it’s in direct correlation to how much less the government contributes

      29. How can people who get UNIMITED paid time off and college and healthcare NOT have a higher standard of living?

      30. We don’t have mandatory time off because that would hinder the economy massively which is why we make more money than any country now and ever. Currently we are living in the greatest economy known to man.

      31. I’m an HR expert, the HIGHER your pay is the BETTER then benefits, the LOWER your pay the WORSE the benefits, so MOST people making under 15$ an hour get NO paid time off and are NOT allowed to participate in ANY benefits

      32. Wrong. Entry level employees have LONG time in position waiting requirements before they MAY become eligible to participate in benefits, whereas higher paid employees get DATE OF HIRE benefits

      33. I’m an HR expert, while I don’t work for your company, I can assure you I know how the majority of employers in the US handle Pay, Benefits, Employee Relations, Leaves of Absence, etc

      34. So you’re saying entry level employees are given DATE of HIRE benefits with NO time in position waiting requirements? WRONG

      35. we’re talking about people making 5 to 10 dollars an hour, they almost NEVER are offered benefits (Vac, Sick Pay, 401k, pension, medical, dental) without long time in position requirements. Why do high paid employees get them on the DATE OF HIRE? They already get WAY better pay, why better and sooner benefits?

      36. I work at the Walmart World Headquarters, salaried employees get DATE OF HIRE benefits, entry level employees (who are NOT allowed to be offered 40 hours) do NOT get ANY benefits for between SIX to TWENTY FOUR months waiting period until they achieve 30 hours a week

      37. Go ahead, call Walmart, ask when benefit start for a salaried employee versus when a cashier gets benefits, I win, it’s my job

      38. Are you so stupid you don’t think employees making 6 figures get MORE vacation and get their benefits QUICKER than entry level PART TMIE employees?

      39. No one agrees agrees with you, I also have polling experience, most Americans think it’s wrong that higher paid employees get date of hire benefits while entry level have to WAIT for their benefits and they get WORSE benefits

      40. the FACT of the matter is they have a MUCH higher standard of living (OF COURSE they do they get UNLIMITED paid time off UNLIMITED free healthcare and college, OBVIOUS they have a higher standard of living)

      41. We’re talking about STANDARD OF LIVING, if you have an employee who has to wait MONTHS if not YEARS of waiting before they become eligible for benefits, and once they get those benefits they only get ONE week of paid time off where higher paid employees get THREE weeks of paid time off….

      42. Not true, employees who work less than 32 hours a week DO have up to to 2 YEARS waiting requirement to get benefits

      43. wrong, PART TIME employees (which its NOT their fault they aren’t offered more hours) are NOT given benefits for up to TWO YEARS

      44. So you’re saying PART TIME employees get benefits at EVERY company in America after 90 days? INCLUDING Sick Pay, Vacation Pay, Holiday Pay, etc?

      45. No, I am saying if the company falls within the rules Obama set forward with healthcare they have to offer health insurance. The law should be removed because no one should be forced to offer healthcare.

      46. you have TWO choices you make EVERY citizen be given GOVERNMENT healthcare or you have EVERY employer be FORCED to offer health care, otherwise theres NO way we’re going to be BEST at cancer or anything else

      47. WRONG, PART TIME do NOT get benefits in MANY companies and in MANY they DO but have LONG time in position WAITING rquriements

      48. it has ALOT to do with it because if they aren’t offered Sick Pay or Holiday Pay or Vacation Pay etc that LOWERS their standard of living and it makes them MUCH less able to afford to get the care they need

      49. I’m fine with a private sector plan still existing, but those who want to “buy in” the medicaid program via a Public Option should be able to

  2. (2) Since Facebook takes advantage of a government-supplied resource (as the Internet was originally created by a consortium between academia and the military — all supported by the tax payers), has any movement been made to restore Ms. Alvarez’s free speech rights on Facebook? (She was blocked by Facebook.)

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