Obama: Founding Fathers created identity politics, Americans showed ‘great smugness’ after Cold War

Article by Bryan Howard

November 28, 2018

During Barack Obama’s Speech at Rice University where he said he is the one to thank for the growth of oil today kept going with stupid remarks. Obama was bashing people who claim they don’t like identity politics by saying the Founding Fathers created it. Obama arrogantly claims the 3/5ths clause creators started identity politics. And Jim Crow was identity politics.

First, Obama showed he doesn’t understand history nor the constitution by claiming 3/5ths clause is identity politics. The clause was created in order to eventually free the slaves one day. If they allowed slaves to count as a full person the south would have ruled in politics due to their population increase, but the Founders wanted to end slavery and needed to devalue the population size in the South so the Slaves could be freed.

Second, Jim Crow was a Democrat, so that does not help Obama’s argument considering we hate Identity politics the Democrats use. Jim Crow was a Democrat who used Identity politics against Republicans.

Obama Continued to show his anti-Colonial ways by hating America. He stated Americans were showed “Great Smugness” after the cold war, where he continued to bash Americans for believing in American exceptionalism.



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