Mississippi Senate Results Are In, Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins The Race!

Article by Bryan Howard

November 27, 2018

The Mississippi Special Election run-off for Senate results are officially in and the election season is finally at a close. Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith won over Democrat Challenger Mike Epsy.

Cindy Hyde-Smith had a ten point led in the polls heading into the election on Tuesday night, and the polls did not lie with her victory. Smith received 56.1% of the votes and Mike Epsy received 43.9% of the votes.

Republicans now hold 53 Senate seats going into the 2019 year, while Democrats only hole 47 seats. This means Republicans gained 2 seats and will have no problem pushing through judges that are nominated by President Trump.

The Republicans will now carry an extra Senate Judiciary Committee seat replacing a democrat seat. The Democrat who will lose their position in the Committee will be Kamala Harris since she is the newest member from the Democrats.


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