Mississippi Senate Run Off Election: GOP Hyde-Smith Up 10 Points!

Article by Bryan Howard

November 27, 2018

The Mississippi run off election voting begins Tuesday morning. This election will determine who gets the final Senate seat between Democrats and Republicans. The two candidates facing off with eachother are Democrats Mike Espy and Republican Cindy Hyde Smith.

The current polls show Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith has a ten point lead over Democrat Mike Espy. Mississippi has one of the largest Trump supporting bases in the nation as well, which helps considering Trump was down in Mississippi thumping for Hyde-Smith on Monday night.

Currently 99 Senate seats have been decided with Republicans controlling 52 seats and Democrats controlling 47 seats. However, that doesn’t mean this seat has little to no value. What Democrats and Republicans are fighting for is Democrat Kamala Harris’s Senate Judiciary Committee Seat. The Senate Judiciary Committee deals with the process of moving Judge nominations along into the actual approval vote, and if Republicans win this Senate seat Democrats will lose a Senate Judiciary Committee seat to the Republicans as well. Since Kamala Harris is the newest Democrat member on the Committee she would be the one to lose her seat.

If Hyde-Smith were to win on Tuesday Republicans will have a 53-47 majority in the Senate as well as a 12-9 majority in the Senate Judiciary Committee. If this were to happen Republicans will be able to pass through any Trump nominated Judge Federal and Supreme that is voted on. Democrats would have no chance to stop a nomination nor delay the vote, and it wouldn’t matter how often the activists protest.



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